Webinar addresses technological trends for retail. Sign up!

The Mozaiko Stefanini team is very excited for the international webinar of May 21st, Thursday, at 11am EST (12h Brazil), promoted by Stefanini USA. On the agenda, the latest technological trends to empower retailers, helping them, with tools of excellence, to become even more "smart".

The webinar will feature Mozaiko's CEO, George Milliard, and Global Senior Director at Stefanini, Sam Selim. In addition to the debate on the timing of retailotech, the event will address the most important topic of the moment, the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had a devastating effect on the world economy.

George Milliard and Sam Selim will exchange views and address this issue from the perspective of companies and their plans, in addition to discussing the strategies they deem most relevant. Both will also have the opportunity to talk about new technologies, implementation challenges and relevant cases.

There will obviously be no lack of RFID technology and how it is essential for retail and logistics.

They are invited! Click on the link below for registration: https://lnkd.in/d4GbVJm