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Voilà System integrates processes to
intelligent control of retail

Know Voilà, the control panel for intelligent retail

Analytics platform based on sensors

Our solution, the Voilà, integrates data that is generated by sensors of different kinds in real time and uses data mining and artificial intelligence to simplify processes in the retailer’s day to day routine.

Voilà, the control panel for intelligent retail, is the easiest way to manage operations in a single analytics platform based on sensors.

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Voilá accomplishes critical missions
with lightness and flexibility

Prevention and elimination of emergencies

More useful time to focus on what’s really important

Complete visibility of the distribution system

Improves the operational efficiency and reduces stock levels

Simplifying expedition and receiving

Automates processes, decrease the manual labor time and eliminating counting errors

Precision and availability of products in stores

Eliminates the product rupture and increases the conversion rate

Precisely visualizing movements and trends

Easy access to useful information and intelligent insights through Voilà’s dashboard

Optimizing the whole operation

Reduces cost and increases sales

MOZAIKO offers a complete IoT solution that fits each client’s necessities

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Your project in good hands

MOZAIKO does the right connection so that you can obtain the best operational results.