Notice to the Market

Stefanini, one of the most internationalized Brazilian multinationals, present in 40 countries, with more than 25 thousand employees and R $ 3 billion in sales, communicates to the market that Mozaiko, one of the leaders in Brazil in RFID, becomes part of the group , according to an agreement formalized in January 2020.

Mozaiko joins the Stefanini group as a company specializing in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for the retail, logistics and other branches of economic activity. The solutions developed by Mozaiko are now tools of the Group to add value to the business of its customers, in processes associated with supply chain, inventory control, asset management, process integration using RFID technology and Internet of Things (IoT).

Stefanini reinforces once again its excellence in Digital Business Technology, being one of the hundred largest IT companies in the world. Mozaiko, on the other hand, makes available, from now on, its outstanding experience in high performance solutions to Stefanini Group's customers and now has technologies, products and a large team of specialists to reinforce its solution and services.

São Paulo, January 20, 2020.

Guilherme Stefanini
Stefanini Ventures Director

George Millard
Mozaiko CEO