mozaiko feira idtechex 2017

MOZAIKO will participate as an exhibitor at IDTechEX, the world's biggest show on Internet of Things (IoT). The event will be held Nov. 15-16 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California, United States, and brings together companies from all continents to discuss new business models, case studies, opportunities and market perspectives, and present the Innovations in IoT products and services.

"We will have the opportunity to show our work to potential partners, to know even more about the new disruptive technologies linked to IoT and to identify new business opportunities throughout the supply chain and in Industry 4.0," says Guilherme Barbosa, CEO of MOZAIKO.

For this year a record number of 225 exhibitors is expected at IDtechEx. The exposition includes conferences, product and service shows, demonstrations, manufacturers, technical meetings, business roundtables, interactive sessions, consultancies, panels, launches and forums. The objective is to address all aspects of IoT, where specialties will focus on topics such as the real possibilities of IoT for suppliers and users today, what pragmatic steps will be required to potentiate the widespread deployment of IoT and who are buyers of IoT in the short term, among others.

MOZAIKO specializes in finding shortcuts in the digital world that solve important real-world problems. The company provides agile, simple and lightweight solutions in sensor-based analytics solutions. "We help companies reach new levels of efficiency through digital technology," says Barbosa. Among MOZAIKO's clients are groups from the distribution and logistics, cattle ranchers and retail chains of the fashion and cosmetics sector.