mozaiko feira idtechex 2017

With the spread of its expansion projects and participation in events abroad, MOZAIKO was the subject of reports in newspapers and websites throughout Brazil. Among the highlights is the Mozaiko space in the Infomoney Portal - a prestigious channel dedicated to business and economy news, in the corporate channel of Estadão Content, in the business area of ​​O Globo Agency and in the website and social networks of the magazine and portal Painel Logístico .

As of the publication in the Infomoney portal - which is used as a reference in economic indexes, quotes etc - Mozaiko's news was disclosed in the news panel by several websites of tax consultants, accounting firms and professional entities.

In the Communication portal Comunique-se , through its tool Dino, the report on Mozaiko was published by more than thirty sites at the national level. As a result, Mozaiko's e-mail had a significant increase in its visits, with access peaks in late July and early August, as shown by the company's Analytics data.