MOZAIKO is expert in finding shortcuts in the digital world.

We are in the Era of Acceleration, with an exponential growth of the technological progress, in a rhythm that makes people and companies strive for constant adaptability. We strive for the capacity to learn and make decisions with more agility.

Get to know MOZAIKO

MOZAIKO is expert in finding shortcuts in the digital world that can solve important real world problems. We build analytics solutions based on sensors.

How exactly does all of that works?

MOZAIKO helps companies transform themselves and achieve new efficiency levels through digital technology

  • Distribution & Logistics

    Fast installation and easy to use, MOZAIKO’s IoT platform simplifies operation management through process automatization and product movement control. Big distribution companies already use MOZAIKO’s system, in Brazil and worldwide.

  • Retail Chain

    Retail leaders use our technology to develop and perfect their performance. Our plug & play system integrates diverse data types that help retailers to prevent and eliminate day to day emergencies, improve the shopper experience and conquer their clients’ loyalty.


IOT Solutions

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Your project in good hands

MOZAIKO does the right connection so that you can obtain the best operational results.

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